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Health Consultation

Consultations with  one of our Traditional Naturopaths  include a ZYTO Compass Health Assessment along with Muscle Response Testing (kinesiology) to help determine nutritional and supplemental needs.  A lifestyle evaluation is done and includes urine tests, discussion of dietary and elimination habits, exercise, work, family commitments, and stress.   

Consultations are available for all wellness goals and all ages.  


A Mini Consult is for existing clients who have done a full consultation with one of our Naturopaths.  Do you now need guidance with a single acute ailment? Set up a mini-consult.  Mini-consults are shorter and less involved than a full consultation.  One of our practitioners will spend 30 minutes with you to discuss your concern, make recommendations, and get you back on a healthy track.    

Consultations must be scheduled and can be made by calling 804-864-5000

Renee Wiest is a Traditional Naturopath & Master Herbalist. She received her education at Trinity College of Natural Health, first as a Master Herbalist. In 2006 she opened Good Health Herbs while continuing classes  and finishing with Traditional Naturopathy.

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Sarah L. Rawlings is a 2019 graduate of Trinity School of Natural Health and a passionate student of the naturopathic arts. She came to naturopathy after receiving an Associates Degree of Applied Science and working under a general physician for several years. In 2010 she began an apprenticeship under Renee Wiest at Good Health Herbs. She is proud to be a traditional naturopath and part of the consulting team. 

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