Breathe Activator TCM Concentrate (30 Caps)

Breathe Activator TCM Concentrate (30 Caps)

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Want to improve lung health? This highly concentrated Chinese herbal formula helps remove toxins from the lungs and supports healthy respiratory function.



  • Provides nutrition to help support healthy lung function.
  • Helps increase the flow of mucus to remove toxins.
  • Works throughout the entire respiratory tract.
  • Enhances feelings of well-being.
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The Chinese name for Breathe Activator is xuan fei®, which can be translated to mean “ventilate the lungs.” The Chinese would consider this a formula for a stressed metal constitution. Breathe Activator provides nutritional compounds long known to benefit the respiratory system. The combination of ingredients may help the bronchioles to clear waste and maintain lung health. It also encourages the production of mucus to aid in cleansing the respiratory tract. Specifically, citrus peel and schizandra support the body’s efforts to clear waste from the respiratory system and enhance energy in the lungs.