You need good partners in life, like calcium and magnesium. They work together with you for a healthy body. But you often don’t get enough. Fill any dietary gaps for these essential minerals with SynerPro® Calcium-Magnesium, and get a few bonus minerals too!  

  • Supplies vital nutrients for body function  
  • Promotes a healthy structural system  

Calcium-Magnesium Synerpro

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  • Everyone knows you need calcium for strong bones. But you need other things too. SynerPro Calcium–Magnesium provides this essential nutrient with a blend of magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin D to help your body maximize the benefits of calcium in supporting healthy bones and structural function. Your skeleton acts like a bank for calcium, storing it until you need it. And it serves a similar role for phosphorus and magnesium. Vitamin D works with other hormones to help manage the balance of these important minerals in the body. Nourish your skeletal system and support improved overall health with SynerPro Calcium-Magnesium!