• Clinically effective whole-plant CBD
  • 5x faster relief
  • 128mg organic whole-plant cannabis (hemp strain) per serving
  • 83mg minimum naturally occurring CBD per serving
  • Contains CBD, CBN, CBG & up to 0.3% THC

Hemp 1st Nano CBD Water 1000mg

$78.95 Regular Price
$67.11Sale Price
  • The Hemp 1st Nano CBD water shooter is one of the most advanced CBD products on the market, using micro-encapsulation technology that encapsulates molecules of organic whole-plant full-spectrum CBD within micro-clusters of water molecules. This allows for rapid results with faster activation time and increased absorption for individuals looking for nutritional support for a compromised (stomach and intestinal) system. This advanced form of nano encapsulated water-soluble CBD is enhanced with electrolytes from natural whole-food sources, providing enhanced effectiveness with advanced cellular hydration for even greater results. This proprietary formulation may assist those with a compromised digestive system, providing faster absorption and irrigating the body with electrolyte enhanced CBD water, thereby lubricating the muscles and joints, while providing nutritional support for stress and inflammation within the body.