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Nourish your kidneys and strengthen your bones with this innovative Chinese blend. In TCM, the health of the kidneys correlates with bone strength. KB-C (for Kidneys and Bones) features eucommia and achyranthes—two herbs that help nourish kidney yang and have a history of traditional use in helping to strengthen kidneys, bones and tendons. KB-C may help eliminate water and provide extra joint support. This botanical blend features ethically sourced ingredients grown by trusted farmers.


  • Traditionally used to strengthen the urinary system
  • Supports the structural system, specifically the bones
  • May help the body restore energy
  • Sustainably sourced in partnership with local farmers
  • Why KB-C?

    Our Chinese herbal blends carefully follow the principles of ancient Chinese Medicine that have been practiced for more than two millennia. KB-C TCM or Jian gu is designed to “strengthen the bones.” These good-for-you herbs were selected for their many beneficial properties.

    For more than 35 years, we’ve partnered with the same incredible vendor to collaborate with farmers in traditional communities to bring only the finest herbs from China to the US. And we’ve conducted multiple on-site audits throughout the years to re-verify the quality of both their facility and herbs. Our farmers are deeply attached to the land they have lived on and worked for generations, and they practice regenerative farming methods to preserve it for future use.