Get up close and personal with this macro mineral that plays a major role in overall health. Boost energy production, support enzymatic reactions, better utilize other minerals and metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Sadly, 40–50% of magnesium in food is lost during processing, so it’s no wonder most of us don’t get enough of this magnificent mineral. Make sure you do! 

  • Helps relax muscles 
  • Contributes to energy production 
  • Supports the nervous system 
  • Is a cofactor in 300+ enzymatic reactions 
  • Provides 250 mg magnesium per tablet 


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  • We offer two forms of magnesium: magnesium oxide and an amino acid chelate. Magnesium oxide provides more magnesium than other forms. And magnesium amino acid chelate is an electrolyte that is easily absorbed by the body. Blending these two together offers great value and bioavailability. And our complementary herbal base features licorice root (used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support metabolism), kelp (provides iodine for the thyroid gland) and white willow bark (supports nervous system health with naturally occurring salicin, flavonoids and glycosides).