Ouachita Farms Nighttime CBN Rosin Drops

Ouachita Farms Nighttime CBN Rosin Drops


Nighttime Cannabis Oil


  • 30 ml bottle current test results: 588mg CBD, 90mg CBN, 38mg CBC, 37mg Delta9-THC, 23mg Delta8-THC
  • Natural Canna Flavor

Once harvested we take the hemp flower (bud), and press it under extreme pressure with heat.  The result is an incredibly potent, full spectrum rosin extract that looks and feels like tree sap.  We suspend the rosin in an all natural MCT Oil to support bioavailability. Then we take it to another level by adding in pure CBN distillate to make this a potent night time tincture. We are limited on what claims we can make about CBN and insomnia, but please do your own research!