Close the gap in your digestion! Your body makes specialized enzymes to break down food and convert it to energy. But sometimes it doesn’t make enough. Proactazyme® breaks down proteins, fats and carbs, boosting digestion and nutrient absorption and minimizing occasional discomfort.  

  • Assists with your natural digestion process  
  • Helps reduce bloating and indigestion  
  • Vegan-friendly, fungi-sourced enzymes 


  • Proactazyme blend allows you to more completely digest your food and maximize nutrition. Its broad range of vegan-friendly enzymes helps you break down your entire meal. In addition to these, Proactazyme offers harmonizing herbs like caraway seeds, fennel seeds and ginger rhizome that are likewise non-GMO project verified. Help your body extract the nutrients it needs from your diet and ward off digestive issues. 

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