Like an old friend who’s always helping you out, Vitamin C does a ton. Immunity. Iron absorption. Energy production. Collagen synthesis. And more! But this antioxidant needs to be replenished regularly. These chewable tablets make it easy to get the vitamin C you need whenever you need it. 

  • Supports the immune system 
  • Protects against free radical damage 
  • Aids in collagen production 
  • 500 mg vitamin C per serving 

Vitamin C Chewable

$21.30 Regular Price
$19.17Sale Price
  • Surveys show that nearly HALF of us have trouble swallowing pills or tablets. So a chewable option can save the day. And maybe your health! Decades ago, we created a chewable vitamin C tablet that’s loaded with valuable C plus natural citrus flavors and sweeteners so kids (and adults) have another option. Our Chewable Vitamin C is infused with wild-crafted rose hips grown in the mountains and forests of select eastern European countries, away from pollution, pesticides and radiation. Plus they’re non-GMO certified and Kosher. Our long and trusted partnership with local growers includes providing fair pricing and wages, so families with limited economic opportunity can thrive.