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Ouachita Farms THC Rosin Caps

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These are Ouachita Farms Cannabis Oil in capsule form. For all Rosin Caps we start with our Full Spectrum Solventless Rosin extract as a base and add either more rosin or a specific cannabinoid to formulate our capsules.

  • Approximately 1mg Delta 9 THC & 30mg CBD per capsule (may vary due to the natural process of making rosin)

 What is Rosin?

Most extraction processes involve introducing a solvent like ethanol to the plant material in order to strip out the CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. Here at Ouachita Farms we use a large heated press to "squish" the pure solventless rosin out of the flower material. The Rosin looks like a golden tree sap and is full of CBD, THC, CBC, CBG, and a multitude of other cannabinoids. Our method also preserves the natural terpenes from the plant, whereas those are stripped out with other processes.

Be aware that legal hemp-derived products also contain a variety of cannabinoids, which may include CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, Delta8 THC and small amounts of Delta9 THC. People may experience these cannabinoids differently, especially if you are new to them or particularly sensitive. The best advice is to educate yourself and then start small and go slowly, especially with an edible product.

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