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Health Consultation


Consultations are available for all wellness goals and for all ages.  Good Health Herbs is committed to helping you discover natural means to obtain good health.

Consultations with Traditional Naturopath Renee Wiest include urine tests, a ZYTO Compass Health Assessment along with Muscle Response Testing (kinesiology) to help determine nutritional and supplemental needs.  A lifestyle evaluation covering exercise, work, family commitments and stress will be discussed along with dietary and elimination habits.  A review of your medical history will help provide additional information to guide you to the root of your health issues. Renee will spend the 90 minute session focused on building a personalized plan designed to help you on your wellness path.    

Follow-up appointments will review the progress you have made and make adjustments accordingly.


Consultations must be scheduled and can be made by calling 804-864-5000

Renee Wiest

Renee Wiest Renee Wiest is a Traditional Naturopath and Master Herbalist. Renee has a deep desire to educate and improve her community’s health through sharing the knowledge she has gained over the years.

She gained an interest in natural health when she became ill in her early 40’s. After visiting a succession of medical professionals, whose only recommendations involved anti-inflammatories, sleeping pills and antidepressants, Renee sought out a Naturopath. The Naturopath helped her to find the root cause of the symptoms and fully heal in 6 months what allopathic medicine had failed to do in 2 years. Finding this solution opened her interest in natural healing, which then led her to receive her education at Trinity College of Natural Health, beginning with Master Herbalist.

Her passion to help others find natural healing solutions led her to open Good Health Herbs in 2006. She continued her education at Trinity and earned her Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy in 2015.

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