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Golden Chai

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Time to boost your immunity! These blends are deliciously warming, and distinctly soothing. Support your system, and experience deep rest, deliciously. This sampler makes a great addition to your morning ritual whenever you want to fortify yourself against the season. It’s sniffle season, and Rasa’s got your back. While all of our blends will give your system some lovin’, this delicious assortment packs an immune-boosting punch.
What began as limited-edition recipes quickly turned into forever-family blends. The Immunity Pack offers 1ozs of a few of our ahhh-mazing favorites that will become your new go-to fix when you need a little something extra:

Golden Chai Recovery Tonic for post-exercise recovery, overall vitality, and the coziest cup of delightful deliciousness. Potent and bio-available turmeric and invigorating chai spices in this blend are packed with antioxidants that support our health. Drink Golden for inflammatory support after any kind of exercise—hike, yoga, CrossFit, however you do!

Ingredients: Roasted burdock*, roasted chicory*, roasted dandelion*, roasted cacao*, shatavari*, codonopsis*, eleuthero*, he shou wu*, eleuthero extract*, cordyceps fruiting body extract*‡, lion's mane fruiting body extract*‡, schisandra extract*, ceylon cinnamon*, rhodiola extract*, gynostemma extract*, shilajit & chaga mycelium* as a necessary processing agent so the extracts don't get all clumpy

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