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Kick-Ass Immune Activator

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Starting to feel run down? Got that horrible feeling of knowing you're about to get sick? Kick-Ass Immune is a stellar team of respiratory and immune supporting herbs that promote a healthy immune system response and serve as a first line of defense to whatever is trying to creep in. Kick-Ass before your ass gets kicked!

  • First line immune defense.*
  • Promotes healthy system response NOW!*
  • Stellar team of respiratory-immune herbs.*
  • Gluten-free & Vegan.*
  • Available in our unique and convenient pump top bottle.

Kick-Ass formula is for early onset. If you’ve been stuck in the trenches for a few days, Get Over It! is the bug eviction notice. Looking for an immune tonic that is gentle enough to take every day long term? Check out our Kick-Ass Daily Immune with Astragalus & Elderberry!

Kick-Ass Immune Activator is not to be taken while pregnant, breastfeeding or by children. Check out our Immune Boost for Pregnancy (also safe for breastfeeding moms) or Kick-It Immune for Kids.

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