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American Health Super Papaya Enzyme, Chewable

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American Health Original Papaya Enzyme

Give your digestive system a helping hand with some much-needed papaya enzymes! American Health Chewable Original Papaya Enzymes help you feel your best no matter what you eat!* 

Just want to eat your favorite food without having to worry about an upset stomach later? Now you can! The digestive enzymes in these original papaya tablets are the perfect after-meal supplement to not only avoid future discomfort, but also to make sure that our body properly digests our food.* 

Our digestive system needs enzymes in order to properly work. Without them, we would have trouble getting all the basic nutrients we need, and may even experience issues like bloating and stomach discomfort. 

American Health Papaya Enzymes contain naturally-sourced enzymes from ripened papaya fruit with papaise, amylase, and protease — all essential and powerful enzymes that aid in digestion and promote optimal gastrointestinal health. These enzymes even make it easier for our body to absorb nutrients, so you get the most out of every meal!*

  • Helps digest proteins and carbohydrates*
  • Supports overall digestive health*
  • Promotes optimal nutrient absorption*
  • Reduces symptoms like bloating or indigestion*
  • Great-tasting, convenient chewable 

Best of all, this digestion supplement is vegan- and vegetarian-friendly! On top of that, it’s gluten- and lactose-free, plus made without GMO ingredients. Essentially, these papaya tablets are here to boost your health! 

Simply chew one to three tablets after a meal one to three times a day and say goodbye to after-meal constipation or indigestion. American Health Chewable Papaya Enzyme Tablets truly are the perfect after-meal supplement to promote healthy digestion!

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