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RenewLife 3-day Cleanse

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We’re saying goodbye to cleanses that are complicated, lengthy and restrictive—for good. Our 3-Day Cleanse works quickly and simply to help your body detox and reset. After, you’ll feel​​ lighter, refreshed and more energized, with less occasional bloating and water retention.* 
It couldn’t be simpler. You take two types of capsules—two in the morning, two in the evening—over three days. Both formulas use herbal blends and plant extracts to eliminate waste and toxins, and set you up for digestive wellness.* 
Morning Formula
Our Morning Formula is formulated with a blend of cleansing herbs and other plant-based ingredients, including milk thistle seed extract, burdock root extract, turmeric root extract, chlorella and cranberry fruit extract, that support your body while leaving you feeling refreshed.*
Evening Formula
While all of the ingredients work to help cleanse your digestive system, magnesium is a key part of our Evening Formula. This formula helps promote water transfer to the bowels for more effective bowel movements, and helps move waste through and out of your body.*
Gut Health Experts
After researching and formulating probiotics for more than 25 years, we’re experts on gut health. Our probiotics and cleanses draw on science, bringing together innovative ingredients that offer trusted efficacy. 

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