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Serious Cough PM Cough

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Catching some ZZZ’s with a frog in your throat can be an uphill battle, but how are you supposed to bounce back without a good night’s rest? Beat the bark with our Serious PM Cough Syrup! Our calming combination of Passionflower and Hops promote restful sleep while Wild Cherry, Elecampane, and Mullein open the airways, normalize mucus production, and coat the throat – a seriously soothing syrup!

  • Soothes bronchiole irritation.*
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response in the throat and upper respiratory system.*
  • Promotes restful sleep.*
  • Delicious tasting syrup.*
  • Gluten-free.*

For a daytime alternative, check out our Serious AM Cough Syrup! For a cough remedy for children, try Kick-It Cough For Kids.

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