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Zeolite 2 fl. oz.

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About this item

  • DETOX – Using its unique 3D structure, Zeolite, a negatively charged alkaline mineral, attracts and traps positively-charged environmental toxins providing natural detox support for your body without robbing the body of key nutrients. Our zeolite detox is micronized from 0-11 micron for strong detoxification of the body and to support the immune system for a healthier you
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM AND DIGESTIVE SUPPORT – Bucklebury Zeolite rocks are mined, washed, and sanitized using a proprietary process resulting in the purest zeolite on the market today. This Zeolite natural detox gives you deep full-body detox support, strong immune system support, gut and digestion support
  • NATURAL ENERGY – Our liquid zeolite, contains immune-supporting vitamins B-12 and D3. This formula is PH optimized for maximum absorption. This combination supports alertness, while simultaneously encouraging deep, restful sleep. Use our liquid zeolite for detox support and increased natural energy support. Made in USA with Globally sourced ingredients
  • GREAT TASTE – Zeolite Suspension Liquid comes in easy-to-take detox drops. It has a mild flavor with hints of peppermint and fruit. Bucklebury supplement will be something your entire family will enjoy and benefit from
  • FOCUS AND CLARITY – Zeolite is a natural mineral that supports better clarity and focus to help you stay healthy all year round. Vegan, Non-GMO

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