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Zinc 50 mg

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Zinc is needed for DNA synthesis, immune function, metabolism, and growth. Gentle on your immune system and a supplement that may offer tissue retention support, NutraMedix Zinc contains bisglycinate Zinc, the form of Zinc that has superior bioavailability compared to Zinc Gluconate.

NutraMedix Zinc contains bisglycinate zinc, the form of zinc that has superior bioavailability compared to zinc gluconate. NutraMedix Zinc is well tolerated, offers excellent tissue retention, and is gentle on the system.

The oral bioavailability of zinc bisglycinate chelate was compared in two clinical research trials to zinc gluconate, a commonly used chelate form in zinc supplements. The first trial, a randomized crossover trial, showed that a single dose of zinc bisglycinate had a significantly higher bioavailability than zinc gluconate.1

A subsequent double-blind, placebo-controlled trial revealed that a 60 mg daily dose of zinc bisglycinate significantly increased plasma zinc. Also, once again, zinc bisglycinate had superior bioavailability to the gluconate form, promoting increased absorption.2

NutraMedix Zinc, in bisglycinate chelate form, is an educated choice for any zinc need.

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